Updating Life

So to you guys, it probably appears as though nothing exciting is happening in my life right now. Yes, I did just lose my job… but I’ll be getting a new one soon enough without a doubt! I have much to tell you guys and so much time I’d like to dedicate to you all. Please do me a favor and be patient with me as I get it all together for you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about anything, please leave me a comment or a message either here or on Facebook about anything at all and I will do my best to keep you posted via blog or privately.

The truth is, much has been going on in my life. I am struggling with mental health issues, psychological issues, and also emotional issues in my life right now. Something happened to me in 2011 that has been a major cause of all of this and I would like to start a discussion with you all about it. It is part of why I have been so quiet on Social Media the past few years and just posting major little happy points and nothing about my private life really.

Wish me luck as I open up to you all about all these things. It won’t be easy for me and I’m sure it won’t be easy for any of you either. Bare with me as we make this journey into my mind, for it is a deep dark place that I do not care to venture far into too often.

Much love to you all! Thanks again for caring enough about me to read this. It means the world to me that I have such loving friends and family and just people in my life!

Sarah Marilu




  1. I love u with all my heart..it tears me up to see u hurt…u r such a kind loving person! I am here for u anytime day or night and Sonya too! I love u honey!

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  2. To my Bonus Daughter..I love you! Tears and sadness is something that is stronger then a bad cup of coffee!
    Are you sure you want to tell all? We all have secrets that is what makes us so unique. Sometimes we fall and those around us don’t want to catch it. You know what flavor of sadness I’ve been through, bitter sweet and then sour opens a mean door.
    Think before you write. I’m always on your side, I will be there to quietly help.

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  3. I love you more than life. You are Beautiful inside
    and Out. We love you just the way you are.
    Stay busy and take care of yourself. Life, Ups and
    Downs are all here and there. Be the one you were meant to be, grow, be strong, give this life all you’ve got. Forget those who are smaller than you, those idiots that come from hell. You still are you, they
    can never take that.



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