Awesome WHAT?? ;D

SOMETHING. Awesome Something is right people. I spent the last two weeks in this awesome new business that my best friend owns and operates with her family and it’s truly a wonderful place for people to gather to do awesome stuffs. Whether it be playing Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, or playing Super Smash Brothers, the good times are limitless. The point of this place is to have a spot where locals can come and also tourists to visit and play games and spend time with awesome people. Not only is their a game room, but these geeks have everything you could want to find when it comes to merchandise. Anywhere from Magic Cards, Pokemon Cards, D & D books, Star Wars merchandise, to My Little Pony cards, Harry Potter items, Doctor Who goodies and Marvel too! If you are looking for it, it might just be in stock. The shop also carries a few local artists’ works as well as some items created by my bestie Miss Kayleigh Montgomery. She hand paints and customizes Nerf guns per commission. How rad is that?! The locals love it here and seem to have found a home, and definitely know that they can count on the owners of Awesome Something to be around for all of their geeky needs. They can enjoy snacks and drinks that are for sale as well while you game your day away. Locals are checking it out, and they know it’s a safe and healthy environment for their youngin’s to spend afternoons; once homework is done with of course.


Even if you are not local, check in on what the shop is doing. They are doing a great job on posting the going’s on in the shop. I myself posted a few videos and photos of what I got up to while visiting. I wore fox ears and a tail that that had sensors that made the ears and tail robotically move based on sounds I would make and buttons I would press on a remote, I dressed up as Han Solo while Kayleigh wore a Princess Leia costume for Halloween, and I also recorded footage of some Dungeons and Dragons action and much more!

As more events go on, keep a look out for what is going on with Awesome Something. I guarantee you they’ll be up to something awesome!!

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Han and Leia